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    Course Outline and Aims

    The Food for Health (FFH) certificate is for anyone who would like to learn more about nutrition for general interest, or if you are considering studying a nutrition degree course at CNELM or elsewhere. The main aim of the FFH is to educate you about nutrition so you are able meet your own nutritional needs and the needs of your family. If you are considering studying a degree in nutrition, this course will give you the opportunity to see if studying nutrition is for you. It is a general interest course and you will not be required to do assignments or an examination.

    Course Tutor

    The course tutor is Fiona Ambrose and she is there for help and support throughout the course. Fiona will be in contact with you soon to introduce herself. You can also contact her via email ( or telephone (Mondays & Wednesdays at CNELM) if you have any questions or queries - +44 (0) 1189 79 86 86

    Course resources within this section include a News Forum where Fiona will post course updates and where you can post any general questions you may have. Some of you will be mature students who haven’t had to do any studying for several years or you may have had less than helpful prior experiences. For this reason we have put together a booklet designed to provide you with some help in making the most of your study so that you can achieve your true potential.

    Who Teaches on the course?

    Michelle Barrow has achieved a first class degree in Nutritional Therapy from CNELM validated by Middlesex University. She has also achieved a work based learning Masters degree in Evidence- Based Practice in Nutrition. Michelle has a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner certificate. She has completed a diploma to teach in the lifelong learning sector (DTLLS) and achieved qualified teacher status (QTLS). Michelle is currently undertaking a Doctorate in Professional Studies (DProf) at Middlesex University including research to construct validated clinical tools to enable the development of a new evidence base for personalised nutrition practice in obesity management. Michelle has worked for the Nutritional Therapy Council (NTC) assessing grandparenting & accreditation applications. She currently runs a nutritional therapy practice called Health Generation. In 2013 Michelle had a healthy eating children’s book called ‘The Food Fight’ published.

    Sarah Boulet graduated from CNELM in 2011 with a first class honours degree and currently runs a nutritional therapy practice.

    Sian Jeffery graduated from CNELM with a first class BSc (Hons) Nutrition Science. Sian has a strong interest in all aspects of obesity and much of her project work has been focussed in this area. Sian was one of the first students to undertake mechanism review style research at CNELM and presented her research at the Good Science Good Practice conference in 2011. Sian has a PGCHe in Teaching and Learning and is currently studying for an MA in Higher Education to further support the education process.

    Recommended prior learning

    There are no prior learning requirements for the Food for Health course.

    FFH Assessment scheme

    It is a general interest course and you will not be required to do assignments or an examination. However you will have the opportunity to complete an optional written question and assessment paper at home.

    Opportunities for progression

    The FFH certificate award can be used towards the BSc Hons Nutritional Science (BSc) degree programme taught at CNELM. FFH candidates will be able to have the course fee (£400) deducted from the cost of the BSc.

    How to Study the Course

    The course content comprises of 17 video recorded lectures listed below. By clicking on the ‘Video Lectures & Handouts’ link within in day below you will be able to access video recording of each lecture along with the handouts. You can also access the audio only files as well if you want to listen to them on an MP3 player.

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    Day 2 - Digestion & Absorption

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    Day 8 - Antioxidants, Phytonutrients & Inflammation