Induction for students new to the undergraduate programmes:

1) BSc (Hons) Nutritional Science 

2) Nutrition Coach Diploma (NCD)

3) Dietary Educator Certificate (DEC) 

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Journal Club is open access to all students on the MSc/PGDip in Personalised Nutrition and to all Levels on the BSc Nutritional Science as part of the resources offered within Professional Enhancement.

There will be 2 live sessions running in 2024. Allow 1 hr 30 mins for each journal club session.

The benefit and usefulness of the Journal Clubs for everyone depends on each student making the effort to prepare for the session and contributing to the discussion.

The purpose of these sessions is to give you the opportunity to practice critical analysis of papers, familiarising yourselves with completing checklists and sharing ideas/conclusions with your peer group

Module logoUPDATED 2024 - This module aims to introduce students to the necessity of becoming research-orientated and to think critically about nutritional science in preparation for a range of future careers. Nutrition is a far- reaching and complex field of science with a range of external influences impacting on the integrity and consistency of information available not only to scientists and researchers but to the general public.

This course assumes only a general familiarity with maths and numbers as they are used in that are used in everyday life. The sections will lead you through some fundamental maths principles that are supportive for general understanding of maths and particularly statistics. The later sections will introduce you to mathematical principles that are most directly relevant for the science and nutrition courses at CNELM.